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To compare, I have removed all the lettering from the LAP drawing:

I was given this remarkable information by EVS. Murals made by Leif H. Neandross for the Empire State building in the 1930s bear a striking resemblance to the CARET case LAP drawings.

The ceiling is covered in this artwork:

See  this video:
 - Illuminated ceiling 0:15 mark
 - Upper floor ceiling 1:57 mark

The New York Times story:
  • Art Deco murals restored in 2009 from something covered since 1960s which opened in 1931.
  • Described as "star constellations and zodiac signs".
  • Originally designed by Leif H. Neandross ( died at 80 on May 19, 2006), about one year before the drones hit the scene.
  • Tri-colour (aluminum/gold/white) depiction just like seen on the drone craft side plates which are tri-coloured.

The slideshow photos in this NPR story shows work being done. You have to click on the < > buttons in the first photo. You can even see someone at a computer working on (or restoring) one of the murals.

See the Big Basin drone like panel behind the people, it is used to turn on some lights shown in this video.

Empire state ceiling decoration:

Empire state rug:

The similarities are striking to me. I will admit though that the above are not pictures from the 1930s, they were all taken after the drones case broke in 2007. Maybe someone else can find original pictures or testify that they saw this artwork in the Empire state building before the 1960s when the ceiling was covered up.

Maybe this is an original photo which you can click on and zoom in to see the ceiling:

Research (Detailed board) / Re: PACL - location
« Last post by algae on July 27, 2016, 08:21:34 pm »
I found a company phone book in a bookshop and noticed among their many facility maps the Palo Alto Research Laboratory. Google Earth shows it to be typical of many buildings in the high-rent, venture-capital area of Palo Alto with ample elevation to allow several underground levels. The site map reveals an underground pedestrian walkway and an elevator in the parking lot!
If you want to find a Bay-Area-based company with hundreds of top-secret-cleared employees, armed guards, and government contracts, you need go no further than this one -- Lockheed.
News / Yet another sighting?
« Last post by zixibit on March 29, 2016, 05:28:46 am »
If this video:

is not a hoax, then perhaps this is the most likely image of the [in]famous Dragon Fly drones captured since the original set of sightings in 2007.

Fourier Transform Analysis / Re: Digital Image Forensics
« Last post by onthefence on February 19, 2016, 08:35:23 pm »
Haven't checked this out, but the price is right:


I just tried the PICT0016.jpg Raj image in a Steven/Jenna image, and one Canon EOS image from the web.
The drone images produced this result:
Result: Potential file modification
Reason: Our forensic tests suggest this file has been re-saved since initial capture. Because this file is not a camera original, it is possible that it was modified.

The Canon image from some other person showed "High Trust".

My conclusion: All images from the drone case have been modified unnecessarily even the Jenna-submitted Stephen image which was submitted as a camera original.
Fourier Transform Analysis / Re: Digital Image Forensics
« Last post by algae on February 19, 2016, 08:13:52 pm »
Haven't checked this out, but the price is right:
I don't recall anyone else in UFOdome explaining craft using gravity waves.
Gravity is the subject of discussion at
Sad to see it so quiet. When I heard about the gravity waves I immediately thought of drone propulsion possibilities.

I remember Bob Lazar saying the crafts were propelled by gravity wave amplifiers.

I don't recall anyone else in UFOdome explaining craft using gravity waves.

Seems Bob was on the mark again.
General discussion / Re: DroneCam
« Last post by algae on November 15, 2015, 05:59:39 am »
Sorry to disturb the stillness...

There's a terrific HD camera orbiting the Earth that could be useful for ufo-spotting.

I caught this event, sun-glint, after only a few minutes of watching
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