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WOAH Issac has been identified! Holy smokes you guys have been busy.

Any updates of the results of reaching out to him?
2019 News / what do you make of this?
« Last post by spinnewise on February 07, 2020, 09:08:33 pm »
EDITOR’S NOTE: A man named Michael Spicer with the group ArchAngel RECON contacted the Yuma Pioneer, taking responsibility for the nighttime drone sightings that hit the region in the past weeks. The following is his explanation, which was published in the Pioneer Jan. 23.

Art / Year 2020 Silver UFO Coin Solomon Islands on HSN
« Last post by TimeTraveler33 on January 23, 2020, 05:27:48 pm »
The sale of the flying saucer coin may be inspired from the mainstream published event of the Navy 2004 Nimitz encounter in the Pacific Ocean.  The televised science fiction series Project Blue Book is airing season 2 this month.  On Netflix is the new television series of Lost In Space.

2020 Solomon Islands UFO Flying Saucer Shaped 1oz. Silver $2 Coin. Selling at $119 at The televised Home Shopping Network channel.
Welcome to 2020!

With multiple insights gained during 2019, it's now possible to review the past 70 - 80 years of human engagement of visiting extraterrestrials. For those decades since we became a nuclear armed species, there have been at least two shadowy streams of intelligence-related activities which have been hidden from public acknowledgement. One stream of highly secret activity has been the reverse engineering of celestially 'gifted' extraterrestrial technologies. (Leaked, for example, through Isaac's account of E.T. human interaction and PACL CARET research). The other stream, which has been a clever distraction for the masses and a form of UFO acclimatisation - has represented a multi-decade dance of denial mixed with hints of UFO reality. (The culmination of which seems to be the scripted disclosures of TTSA and AATIP.)

At least compared to 2007, 2019 revealed some progress on the matter of Disclosure. More information may be released during 2020.

Further revelations may assist, for public benefit, other pro-disclosure whistleblowers to come forward.

The Drone Research Team has an important announcement.



Following significant investigation last year, the Drone Research Team can announce that, in all probability, the individual known as 'Isaac' has been identified.

The DRT understands that 'Isaac', per his account, is a scientist - one who has achieved a great deal in his chosen domain and who is well respected in industry. 'Isaac' is still alive today. Presumably, renewed communications by Isaac would represent a significant risk on his part - given that in 2007 he was likely forced into silence by anti-disclosure authorities.

Whilst honouring Isaac's previously stated wish to remain anonymous, the DRT has attempted to establish private communication with this renowned scientist - via reputable UFO researchers who have a track record of progressing Disclosure. The hope is that Isaac, having been identified approximately 13 years after he leaked the CARET information to the public in 2007, will now find a courageous way to re-engage with publicly verifiable figures (such as Linda Moulton Howe or Richard Dolan).

In his account, 'Isaac' states that he was a civilian engineer/scientist working on a government / military run initiative known as PACL CARET. The DRT has determined that, in all probability, Isaac was a relatively significant employee of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory - who worked on the NASA funded civilian space-research program as part of his 'cover'. Through early ARPA research and subsequent DoD security clearances, with NASA and JPL as his civilian cover, it is likely that Isaac interacted with scientists across California (including Palo Alto) and that these scientists were themselves employed by private defense firms (such as Lockheed LMSC). Such private-organisational structure 'fits' with the experience described in Dr E.W. Davis / Admiral Wilson notes - which suggest that Admiral Wilson was denied access to a major private defense firm - NOT a government owned research division. In terms of statutory public oversight and proper governance function, there is a clear difference between government-operated facilities and private firms (where in the case of the latter, public oversight authority is vastly diminished). In the documented Wilson account, when the Admiral sought to confirm his oversight authority of the extraterrestrial Exceptionally Compartmented Information (E.C.I), his military career was threatened and obfuscation occurred. The experience is highly suggestive of criminal clandestine activity by members of a private cabal that have thoroughly infiltrated the highest levels of government - in the USA and around the world.  Lest we never forget - J.F.K and the subsequent cover-up.

Questions continued:
23. How does the Jet Propulsion Laboratory fit with PACL and Isaac's account?

As it is important for the public to understand the military-related history of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, further posts are pending regarding JPL and the background of Isaac. Historically, JPL has represented it's own version of a non-government (military) research facility. It receives government funding yet operates privately under the umbrella of NASA and as a separate research domain of Caltech. In that sense, JPL is shielded from the purview of the US Congress. In terms of JPL covert military activity, the investigations by Peter J. Westwick (2007) are very insightful: 'Into the Black: JPL and the American Space Program.'

From it's very foundation, Caltech's JPL was involved in top secret military-related research. It was awarded the first US Army Ordnance contract for ballistic missiles in June 1944.  This contract followed pioneering work by Robert H. Goddard at Roswell, New Mexico during 1930 to 1941. The dreams of Verne and Wells were combined with the pioneering rocketry work of Goddard and Oberth and later developments in technology to create the dawning military-led space age. This work also led to the eventual development of nuclear armed (intercontinental) ballistic missiles - a threat described by Dr Louis N. Ridenour from which "there is no defense". It's not surprising that, as our species exponentially grew and technologically advanced, human progress attracted ever-greater interest from visiting extraterrestrials.

In terms of 'Subverted Extraterrestrial Clandestine Reverse Engineered Technology' (S.E.C.R.E.T.), much can be learned by investigating the organisations (and senior individuals associated with those enterprises) connected to 20th century covert military aerospace R&D. This includes those historically connected military, government and scientific persons who would likely have known about such S.E.C.R.E.T activities from inception - for example, following the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico craft retrieval and the establishment of the US National Security state and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that same year. 

Quite naturally, the initial phases of the PACL program, would have been hidden within technologically related space-based developments - which were funded by the US Government and the American taxpayer. In the decades passed, PACL's reverse engineering program, as revealed by Isaac, can be considered in context of the "information explosion" which originated with post-WWII USA. As noted in the 2019 posts above - and given what we now know about the structuring of Exceptionally Compartmented Information (E.C.I's) - it's very probable that the highly clandestine CORONA program was one of several black programs which hid the CARET initiative. Black programs (such as CORONA, declassified in 1995) were themselves historically hidden by relevant civilian 'cover' programs (such as through organisations like ARPA and NASA in the 1960's). Taken together such long-running core secrets (with strong Palo Alto connections to Lockheed Missiles and Space), tie directly into the Dr E.W. Davis / Admiral Wilson notes and the account described therein.

Those notes confirm that extraterrestrial technologies are in the hands of a highly secretive, private group of human beings which has strongly resisted public oversight for the materials in their possession. In 2019, it was essentially reported that Dr. E.W. Davis confirmed the main facts related to those notes and decades of reverse engineering activity.

In terms of secret, sub-optimal research on extraterrestrial technologies, for the private cabal, hiding funds from US Congressional review would have been a persistent issue to overcome. The solution to maintaining secrecy was a corruption which usurped government and infiltrated key public institutions. It seems senior CIA leadership and private industrialists were a core part of that secret action.

From a 20th century military perspective, technologies developed to globally counter human adversaries of the United States could also potentially be used to gain intelligence over other foreign (extraterrestrial) 'intruders'. Early clandestine projects which involved satellite/spacecraft operation (and the products associated with this activity - such as information processing of reconnaissance data) would have represented a natural engineering fit. Similarly, advanced beam weapons and energy research would also likely have been hidden within Atomic related research and development projects. No doubt, the sophistication of ECI structures grew hand-in-hand with the need for increasing national secrecy during the 1950's and 1960's (as the ideological Cold War deepened and as human technical progress + investment (and industrial profits) accelerated through the dawning of the Space age.

In the 1950's, Lee A. DuBridge, President of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Chairman of the Science Advisory Committee, formed a special national security task force, approved by President Dwight D. Eisenhower - Technological Capabilities Panel {TCP). Between August 1954 and January 1955 that group, which included many of those who had produced the Beacon Hill Report (such as Dr Louis N. Ridenour) represented the best that American science and engineering offered. Their analysis was presented to the National Security Council on 14 February 1955 and by all published accounts that report affected the course of national security affairs enormously. The CIA together with private defense firms such as Lockheed were at the subsequent heart of many of the technical initiatives which formalised as core secret, national security priorities.

Thus, to understand PACL in context of critical US technological development during the 20th century, it is important to review
i) the rise of the US Missile and Space program in the decades following WWII,
ii) the use of civilian covers by the military to obscure secret aerospace and technological development,
iii) the use of private defense firms for outsourced R&D (thereby obscuring government oversight of clandestine ECI programs).

In the 1950's missiles and satellites changed world perception. The landscape of the Cold War was established through fear and massive increases in military expenditures. Many individuals in  the UFO community either don't know or forget that it was Lockheed that coordinated the construction of Area-51 facilities under the guidance of some infamous CIA figures. Recall that the Central Intelligence Agency was created on 26th July 1947 when President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act into law. The CIA's predecessor began during WWII on 11th July 1941 through Colonel William J. Donovan and the establishment of Service of Strategic Information under President Franklin D. Roosevelt- later formally known as the Office of Strategic Services, OSS.

(Curiously, both dates are respectively close to those of the reported April 1941 Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO retrieval and the July 1947 Roswell, New Mexico UFO retrieval.)

In the 21st century, in terms of disclosing the roles of Isaac, JPL, PACL, Lockheed and the CIA in S.E.C.R.E.T programs - recorded historical action can give far better perspective than modern words with today's latest media spin. Further posts are pending.
Drone related? / Re: strange dreams 1967
« Last post by spinnewise on January 20, 2020, 01:10:28 pm »
new weird connection to "reality"

this is the new Changi airport in Singapore
and it also looks very similar to the control room of the mothership
except there was a huge tree in the middle of the waterfall
Hello all!

In this new section, you'll be able to read and comment all the news recently gather by iamiamiam that undoubtely give a new start to the drone saga.
omg, we are back!  :D
been thinking a lot of the drones lately
I'm no fan of TTSA and while I'd obviously welcome new relevant information it is my sincere hope that neither the 2007 drone stuff nor the Isaac/CARET stuff gets conflated with TTSA's agenda.
For the past 70 - 80 years, anti-disclosure authorities have maintained private control of 'core' knowledge, enforcing submission and secrecy, whilst enacting an active disinformation campaign against the public.

Remember that JFK was assassinated and the matter permanently covered up. JFK wasn't the first and he wasn't the last insider to be taken out. As a consequence to heavy threats, there are pro-disclosure individuals who largely conform to the anti-disclosure authorities. Yet the truth about E.T. visitation and reverse engineering activities has been shared. Unfortunately, the wider public are the last to know the facts - that we are not alone in the universe, nor alone on planet Earth.

It is critical that researchers understand the military connections with the development of Silicon Valley and it's subsequent history. For that reason, the (former) location of PACL is important.
8. In terms of PACL, which private defense firms have historically operated in Palo Alto with nearby facilities that match Isaac's description?
9. Whose personnel have a history of clandestine aerospace activity in Palo Alto?

10. Which private defense firm in Palo Alto was engaged in exceptionally classified information with the CIA and multiple other agencies including the USAF, NRO and ARPA?
11. Did they work with NASA as a civilian cover for military projects?
12. How did scientist, Dr Bernard Haisch, former Lockheed (Palo Alto Research Laboratory) befriend individuals who over a long period of time seem to be on the periphery of some kind of handling alien materials in "our" possession?

Behind the scenes of Eisenhower's military industrial complex-

Many years ago, DRT forum members Algae and Nekitamo identified two likely locations for PACL.
DRT member, Algae suggested:
Hanover St, Palo Alto, CA, USA
(Former) Lockheed Missile and Space Center (LMSC)
DRT member, Nekitamo suggested:
(Former) Hiller Advanced Research Facility, 1350 Willow Road, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Both facility sites have strong merit and they are in fact, organisationally connected. As part of a highly classified national reconnaissance and image processing program, called CORONA, Lockheed Skunkworks (together with the CIA) ran the aforementioned Hiller ADF (Willow Road) facility. According to the published information, Hiller personnel were not allowed on that highly secret site. 

The CORONA Program, Palo Alto, California.

With the former LMSC on Hanover Street, Palo Alto, there are connections with Dr Hal Puthoff and a string of other interesting associations to that site and those buildings next door.

Given what we now know about Exceptionally Compartmented Information (ECI's) and the Sentry Eagle program (courtesy of Edward Snowden), it's very probable that the highly clandestine CORONA program was one of the black 'covers' which hid the CARET initiative. 

NSA Sentry Eagle

Core secrets tie directly into the Dr E.W. Davis / Admiral Wilson notes. The suspected private defense contractor referred to in those notes may be Lockheed Martin. 

(Recall that Dr Eric W. Davis and Dr Hal. Puthoff are associates who are both engaged in the newly formed TTSA. Note also the TTSA and Lockheed connection.)

Where might PACL have been located?
Isaac- June 2007- "PACL was located in Palo Alto, but unlike XPARC, it wasn't at the end of a long road in the middle of a big complex surrounded by rolling hills and trees. PACL was hidden in an office complex owned entirely by the military but made to look like an unassuming tech company. From the street, all you could see was what appeared to be a normal parking lot with a gate and a guard booth, and a 1-story building inside with a fictitious name and logo. What wasn't visible from the street was that behind the very first set of doors was enough armed guards to invade Poland, and 5 additional underground stories. They wanted to be as close as possible to the kinds of people they were looking to hire and be able to bring them in with a minimum of fuss...

I heard from a number of people that PACL closed up shop a few years after I left, but I've still yet to get a clear answer on why exactly that happened. But I'm sure the kind of work we did there is still going strong. I've heard from a lot of friends that there are multiple sites like PACL in Sunnyvale and Mountain View, also disguised to look like unremarkable office space.

PACL may have been underneath one of the single story buildings on Hanover Street, Palo Alto - buildings which are now being replaced.

13. At the time of CARET in the mid-1980's, what were the company logos and signage displayed on the B204 and B205 Hanover Street buildings?

The following presentation by Roger K Summit on Dialog Information Services Inc is interesting.

The Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory and Information Science Group:

14. Prior to 1997 and the rise of Google (and from around 1993 for that of Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos and Infoseek), how was the world's digital information originally retrieved?
An unassuming company DIALOG Information Services Inc, led the way. After working with NASA as its first client, that company eventually spun out of Lockheed, LMSC, Palo Alto in 1982. In 1988, Roger K Summit participated in the sale of Dialog to Knight-Ridder Inc.

Dialog started modestly as an in-house research and development project at Lockheed in 1963. At that time, an Information Sciences Laboratory was established (by Gene Duncan, ex-CIA) to deal with what was then recognized as the coming "information explosion." Two years later (1965), what was essentially the first truly interactive information retrieval system was on-line for internal company use. In 1968, Lockheed won a contract from NASA to design, program, implement, and maintain a computerized index for the half million documents produced by the American space program. Called RECON (Remote Console Information Retrieval Service), the development process enabled Lockheed to fine-tune the specialized information retrieval command language. In 1972, Lockheed, decided to offer a commercial service and officially named the system Dialog. The facilities were initially located on Hanover Street, Palo Alto, California. As might be expected, the hardware needed to handle the enormous amount of information contained within the Dialog system took over a large portion of its building.,_1966
15. Were those buildings in actuality also part of a black information systems and image processing project?
16. How does the military and LMSC historically connect with the adjacent 'Varian Associates' and Hewlett Packard Palo Alto facilities?

17. With Isaac's account, do archived photographs of buildings (205 and 204) reveal the signage of an unassuming tech company (with no visual connection to the Lockheed buildings B201-203 on the other side of the adjacent, central parking lot)?

1956 Lockheed Expands again: Mushrooming activity at Lockheed Aircraft Corp.'s Missile Systems Division has resulted in a 1,000% expansion of space planned less than a year ago for its new facilities in Stanford University's Palo Alto, Calif, industrial park. Lockheed now plans to start construction of a 51,000 sq. ft. laboratory, bringing to seven the number of buildings either completed or underway. It will also raise the Division's facilities to about 1,000,000 sq. ft. compared to some 96,000 sq. ft. it projected less than a year ago. The new laboratory will supplement two similar research buildings occupied in September and a 14.000 sq. ft. experimental building soon due for completion.

In the 1950's, Lockheed's rapidly growing missile division purchased 275 acres at Sunnyvale, California and a few months later, leased 22-1/2 acres at Stanford University in Palo Alto, some seven miles north. On the two sites, construction was initiated on $30 million worth of laboratory, experimental, research, and manufacturing buildings. Test facilities later were operated at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, Alamogordo, New Mexico, and later at the Air Force Missile Test Center at Patrick AFB, Florida.
"Buildings 204 and 205 stand side-by-side on a terraced site that was originally part of a 22-acre campus with a building complex constructed in 1956-1957 for the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Missile Systems Division. The campus buildings were designed by architect Kenneth T. Thompson and built by McNeil Construction. Kenneth T. Thompson studied at the University of Southern California under Dean A. Quincy Jones, an important and innovative Southern California architectural modernist and urban planner. His firm was only active for about 16 years and his firm worked on projects for NASA in Pasadena as well as commercial/industrial projects in Los Angeles County."

"The campus originally consisted of five buildings: the two project buildings (Buildings 204 and 205); Buildings 201 and 202, formerly located at the upper terrace; and a smaller, linear building, Building 203, across the rear of the intervening terrace and parking lot. Over the immediately subsequent decades, the complex incrementally yet continuously grew and changed... with substantial amounts of equipment added and attached. Building 201, which was the first to be constructed and which provided central executive and administrative use, was removed and replaced in approximately 2010 by a new Lockheed building."

"An underground tunnel below the central parking lot originally connected Buildings 202 and 204. That connecting tunnel remains, but has been closed off."

(It's reasonable to assume that Building 203 was also connected to that same tunnel.
 18. What lies beneath the central parking lot of site 203?
19. If the Lockheed buildings were publicly identified by signage as Buildings 201, 202 and 203, what was the reason for needing an underground tunnel to connect to building 204?
20. What logo / signage did buildings 204 and 205 display to the public in the 1980's?

..."Lockheed moved the missile headquarters and manufacturing center into their Sunnyvale campus beginning in 1956. Simultaneous to their relocating their missile division headquarters and manufacturing center to Sunnyvale, Lockheed developed the Palo Alto facility as a research branch.

Records indicate that this building group was originally referred to as the Research Branch of the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Missile Systems Division. Archival plans identify several of the original building uses, including Building 204, a chemistry and materials laboratory building; and 205, a facilities receiving, shops and laboratory building.

... In 1995, Lockheed merged with the Martin-Marietta Corp., creating Lockheed-Martin. Under Lockheed-Martin, the Palo Alto research unit became the Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Currently, both Buildings 204 and 205 are vacant and no longer a part of the Lockheed-Martin leasehold...

Stanford Research Park: Another historical context of the project site is the development of Palo Alto in the post-WWII period. Development of the Stanford Research Park, which the (former LMSC) project site is located in, is one element of that context. The Stanford Research Park occupies some 700 acres of Stanford University land and is an industrial, scientific and commercial park that is allied with the University. The Stanford Research Park was founded in 1951 as the Stanford Industrial Park and its first building opened in 1953 (Varian Associates)."
21. What triggered the sale of this prime real estate (lease) by Lockheed to JP Morgan?
22. Was the redevelopment an opportunity to demolish the old underground PACL complex?
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