Author Topic: iamiamiam work on the LAP  (Read 5849 times)

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iamiamiam work on the LAP
« on: December 03, 2008, 10:16:14 pm »
Ok, guys I (finally! :)) took the time to examine closely the iamiamiam two posts on OMF, and I think it worth to try to see more closely his theories.

I just answered him on OMF, especially on the "basic things" like little mistakes, errors, etc, but want your advices and opinions about the theories, before going further and expose something to public.

In terms of patterns, I note that there are either single or double banded circles, and their areas are either filled or not filled. Each â??typeâ?? has maximum concentric orbital layers not exceeding 2. This gives 8 variations (or if one counted the double banding, 16 different circle diameters) in the LAP diagram. (Note that this ignoring the 1-to-3 level open â??woundâ?? circular arcs). As noted by others, these circles are associate by various geometrical means such as by arcs drawn with constant radii.
There are also 4 x 4 levels of bar graph â??heightâ?? x â??thicknessâ??. Irrespective of scaling, there are also 4 levels of â??circularâ?? curve line thickness, whether in â??closedâ? or â??openâ? ended circular arc form.
Irrespective of scaling, I believe there are 6 levels of sinusoidal curve thickness in the semaphore cascade, these being either â??topâ? or â??bottomâ? along the main axis. In addition to these 6 line thicknesses, I believe there are 2 â??thickerâ?? lines connecting the junctions/switches/objects. Again, this implies 8-order line thickness.

Just as an idea... has anyone considered the AB-type semaphore cascade as a cascaded "Aharonov-Bohm type" effect?
A study of interest: the â??Aharonov-Bohm effect and scattering in the pair of Hilbert spacesâ??:
The problem of the scattering of a charged test particle in the gravitational background of axially symmetrical wormhole in the presence of the Aharonov-Bohm type magnetic field is considered. It is shown that the natural mathematical framework appropriate for the problem is the scattering theory...

Also, has anyone considered either (a) grouping the symbols by their non, uni, bi, tri- axial symmetries or (b) by classifying the symbols as 1st order, 2nd order, 3rd order rotations per symbol â??typeâ?? (where a rotation of one symbol type is one permutation and the order type is represented by the number of dashes)?

Onthefence, any thoughts?? ;D
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Re: iamiamiam work on the LAP
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2008, 12:01:54 am »
Onthefence, any thoughts?? ;D

Lots of high level questions, maybe he should just analyze that stuff himself rather than working with others.

It's like trying to analyze an ancient language without the Rosetta stone, there will be lots of wild guesses!