Author Topic: On the "Letters" or "Characters" Seen On The Drones  (Read 57242 times)

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Re: On the "Letters" or "Characters" Seen On The Drones
« Reply #90 on: July 09, 2013, 05:35:24 am »
Today I was inspired by the concept of the Epcot Disneyland style city and found this YouTube video of glyphs that look similar to the Chad drone writings.

YouTube popsong1
"Fourth of July at Epcot 2013 Walt Disney World "
Published 6 July 2013
(Epoct glyphs at time code 56 seconds)

I believe the writing at Epcot may be evidence that the designers of the drone decided to leave evidence of time travel technology from the drone. Perhaps the drone is from the future and from the 1980's for us to rediscover from the Isaac CARET documents in the Internet Era.