Author Topic: Sailing Stone In Death Valley And Insulation Properties Of Dolomite  (Read 3082 times)

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A geological phenomenon known as 'Sailing stones, sliding rocks or moving rocks' can be found in Death Valley in California. The rocks leave a trail along a smooth surface on the ground without any scientific explanation. The stone name 'Karen' (stone J) that is 29 by 19 by 20 inches (74 by 48 by 51 cm) and weighs 700 pounds was monitored for movement over a period of time, and disappeared in 1992 to 1993. It could not have been moved by artificial means.  In 1996, Karen was rediscovered by San Jose geologist Paula Messina.

The properties of Dolomite are quite intriguing for interstellar travel. Dolomite blocks interference from cosmic rays without adding background radiation.

wikipedia - Uses for Dolomite - "Particle physics researchers prefer to build particle detectors under layers of dolomite to enable the detectors to detect the highest possible number of exotic particles."

Theory: This could explain how the Drone is moving and disappearing in California.

Source of data from YouTube and wikipedia: