Author Topic: Drone Abstract Painting? In 2007 Vassily Kandinsky 10 Euro SILVER PROOF  (Read 4441 times)

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Monnaie de Paris silver proof coin minted in 2007 is the painting 'Composition 8' by Vassily Kandinsky.  The abstract painting from World War I and the painting White looks like the triangulation flight path of the drones from 2007. 

This could be remote viewing by the artist Vassily Kandinsky of the 2007 drone in Campbell, California. Or maybe the designers of the drone intended it to represent everything popular from our memories of mainstream culture throughout 21st century.

Perhaps the drone is looking for gold in the California mountains from Reno to Campbell?

Composition VIII (Komposition VIII), July 1923

Vassily Kandinsky

Silver Proof from Monnaie de Paris.

Painting Title: White

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