Birmingham Alabama drone sighting

Originally posted at by Linda Moulton-Howe

From Earthfiles May 23th

"I took this picture sometime in May of 2006 in a residential section of Birmingham, Alabama, where I had some business. The camera was a Canon Digital Camera. I was looking at some new construction when I heard a low buzzing sound like a transformer. I looked around and finally up. I saw what looked like an electrical device sticking out of the electrical pole. When I moved to get a better look, the thing seemed to be floating. I decided this was an optical effect and thought that it was probably attached to the wires and was some sort of device being used at the construction. I took a picture and then walked away to get someone to tell me what it was. When I looked back, it was gone. The time was around 3:00 PM, I think. It was strange, but I did not want to get involved in anything, so I let it go.

"I remembered the device when I saw the photo on Coast to Coast WebPage. That is all I know, except one other odd thing that same day. I saw two identical new pickup trucks with new box-like trailers behind them near the construction site. The trailers were like small mobile homes with thick wires running from them. The trucks and trailers looked oddly new and clean with no markings on them at all. One truck was black with a white trailer and one was white with a white trailer. They really looked odd. Dodge ram trucks, I think. They stood out at the dusty site. I don't know if they had any connection with the device, but it stuck in my head for some reason."

From Earthfiles May 25th

Thanks for your interest. I now read that some are saying the other photos are fake, so I guess people will think this of mine. Well, what can I say? I did find a cell phone photo I took of one of the trucks and trailers I mentioned.

Notice how new it is down to the tires and no markings. I am hesitant about giving out my name and location, because I work for the military and am afraid of loosing my job. I trust you with my info, but please keep my name private. I really wish I could help more - I saw what I saw. It could be a military operation and I have to stay out of that. Do whatever you want to with this info, but please keep my name out of it."

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Odd, aerial object above power poles near construction site in May 2006, in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo by Mr. Smith.

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White, unmarked pickup truck towing white, unmarked trailer with cable coming out of trailer's open door in May 2006, near Birmingham, Alabama, construction site where Mr. Smith saw and photographed odd, aerial "drone" above power pole. Image by Mr. Smith.