The story of X as it relates to the PACL case

For release to:

The public via the Drone Research Team forum.

Date of release to the public:

September 9, 2008.

Initial Date of gathering of report:

February 25, 2008


The Drone Research Team (DRT) hired private investigators (PIs) Tom Davis and Frank Dixon. A friend of the PIs (Source) mentioned that he knows someone (X) who might be valuable person because X worked security for the government in the Palo Alto area during the time of the Isaac work at PACL. Further interviews with X were pursued after this initial contact was discussed with the DRT. The following reports provide the details.


The reason for holding back so long is because it was feared that if X found out about the report that no more information would be forthcoming. It is now assumed by the DRT that no more information will be coming from X, and that this information can be put to use as is.


The goal for releasing this information is to gather ideas to help bring more PACL employees forward to reveal artifacts for scientific study.

Initial background of Source and X before any meetings took place:

X worked security for the government in the Palo Alto area during the time of Isaac work at the building (PACL). Source said X would know for sure if there was such a project (like PACL/CARET). Source said X would not give information on anything (top secret) but may indicate there may be some truth to what Isaac said in the CARET report. Source was completely briefed in the Isaac/drone case before talking with X so that a focused set of questions could be asked.

Report A

Feb 26, 2008, from Source after being briefed by the PIs and then talking to X. He (X) said there were 4 facilities in the South Bay area that fit the description (of the PACL building), and that usually the grunts doing the everyday security never had any idea what actually went on. Military brass usually showed up in civvies, etc., and you had to have a very high clearance to get below the ground floor. X didn't mention any project names, but he knew they were working on "alien technology" (his words) and said, "I was told that they were working on anti-gravity, but I really wasn't supposed to know that. They were very touchy about need to know." Nothing about invisibility, though.

Also, He'd never heard of Isaac. He didn't mention that until he asked me why I was interested in this stuff, but then I filled him in, at least about that part. I didn't tell him about the investigation, but I did mention CARET, and he was evasive. X said, "Yeah, that might have been the name of one of the projects... I really don't remember." His body language said he recognized it, though.

The other interesting thing is that when I mentioned that there had been sightings of UFO's recently, he got pretty interested. I just said they were goofy looking things, and that's why people noticed them, but I never described them, and I hadn't mentioned pictures. His words were, "Are they kind of octopus looking things? Sort of a round center, with arms coming off around it?" I said, "Yeah, I think so... something like that, anyway. Why? Have you seen something about them?" He answered, "No... no, you said they were funny looking, is all... that's just what popped into my head." Then he laughed and changed the subject.

I had to lead him a little, like with the name CARET, but he came up with most of it on his own. It definitely seems to indicate that this is for real, even if it reads like a bad sci-if novel. It's going to be interesting to see what X says next time I see him, and I think if he brings the subject up again it will tend to confirm that he didn't consider it idle BS. If he doesn't, I'll find a way to, so I can see how he reacts to it. I usually see him on Friday afternoon.

Report B

From "source" before Wednesday, March 05, 2008 First, remember that some of these things are what X thinks, and others are what he knows. He's pretty clear about the difference, and I'll identify which is which as they come up.

The Buildings

X knows of four such facilities in the south bay that were active twenty years ago. Typically as described - mostly under ground. He doubts they are still in use, but doesn't know for sure. He's reasonably sure that only one was researching alien technology, which would certainly seem to be PACL. All of them were engaged in research of some kind, all heavily guarded, all very secret. There were other such facilities around the country, but he doesn't know what they did, although he believes that the South Bay and Area 51 have been, and still are, the only places where actual research on alien technology takes place. He said, "If they were doing this sort of thing anywhere else, they certainly weren't telling anyone here about it. That doesn't mean they weren't, but there was never any inkling of it."

The number of people employed varied, and X believes that there were no more than two or three who knew the whole story. The total number involved in actually studying alien artifacts was probably no more than twenty, with the total number of "employees" being fifty to sixty including security. He says that the number of employees was always kept consistent with what you would expect to find working in a single story building the size of the ground floor.

Many were, in fact, civilians... but the people at the top were always military. All such facilities are military, although it doesn't show on the surface. No uniforms, not even on security people, who were special forces personnel assigned to the NSA. The one exception to that was the security people who worked the ground floor, and they wore standard rent-a-cop uniforms, with a sidearm. Below ground security carried M16's, which never left the site.

There were no true loading docks, as such, just a normal looking roll-up door on one side of the building that a truck could be backed up to. Behind it, on the inside, was a steel door that was always opened first, so that it wouldn't be seen by anyone on the outside. A freight elevator went from there to the first underground level, and a separate freight elevator from there down. There were no passenger elevators on the ground floor, only a stairwell behind a locked, unmarked door, which led to a guard station on the first underground level. All access to the lower floors went through there, via two elevators, with the exception of the one freight elevator from the dock area. The dock area had no access to the rest of the building, only to the freight elevator, and that was controlled from below, and always kept on the first underground level, not the ground floor.

X doesn't know anything specific about the construction, but these buildings were typically not solitary structures. They're usually part of an industrial area, among other buildings that look similar, with nothing in particular to distinguish them. He believes that whole areas are sometimes developed by the government, using outwardly civilian construction companies actually owned by the military. Everything except the one building that they need is then leased or sold to legitimate businesses, as it would be if built by a civilian developer. He stresses that that's a guess on his part... which I do not believe.

Visitors to these buildings are only shown the ground floor, with the usual noises made about what they can see and what they can't... "Well, we're working on some government contracts here, and I can't show you that part, but down the hall is our cafeteria..." etc. etc., with apologies for the fact that it's all really pretty boring stuff, and some interesting but utterly false tidbits about what they're working on for the "public sector".

There were only janitors for the ground floor, where there wasn't anything to see, and they only had them there to enhance the appearance of normalcy. Below ground, everyone was responsible for their own area, and security was responsible for the collection and destruction of all trash. Everything combustible was incinerated, and everything that wasn't (very little) was otherwise destroyed... smashed beyond recognition, chopped into tiny pieces, or failing that, taken away by the same trucks that brought secret/sensitive materials in.

The Drones

X believes that what we're seeing now are experimental craft constructed by our own government. They're trying to learn to use the alien technology that has literally fallen into our laps, apparently with at least some success. He stresses that this isn't anything new... what is new is that we've brought our own technology to a point that we can begin to understand these things. Computers that are capable of analyzing, at least to some degree, the alien artifacts that we have, is probably the best example of this. They're not something common, although he believes that several exist, and probably never will be simply because of the security required to deal with them.

The real question is what the extraterrestrial craft that we got the artifacts from were (or are) doing here... and the answer is that we don't know. X does confirm that there is at least one "flying saucer" at area 51. He has seen it "with his own eyes", and it does resemble a saucer. He's heard all the rumors that we all have... that a couple of bodies were retrieved with it... but he has not personally seen any such thing. He has not seen an octopus UFO, he says, but describes them pretty accurately based on the pictures I've seen. I'm going to show him pictures and see how he reacts, but haven't done so yet.

X says that the knowledge of these things "goes all the way to the top", but will say no more about it, so it's safe to assume that the President knows. He says that he thinks someone determined enough could, over time, sneak copies of just about any document or documents out of anywhere... very carefully not committing to specifics. Not surprising, considering that security was his job. He won't speculate on the identity of Isaac... he gives me the usual line about how it was a long time ago, and he doesn't remember all the names, etc. His take, though, was that it was probably one of only about six or seven people, not thirty or more. I believe him when he says he doesn't remember the names, and I won't push him about it, but I'm pretty sure he just doesn't want to remember.

Report C

Provided by PI about debriefing "my source" March 5, 2008.

My source spent a lot of time defining his role in our investigation. He repeatedly said "I am the reporter" I report to you what "X" says. Since he has know "X" for many, many years he does add to statements whether he believes "X" or not. He adds, "X" has not wavered in his accuracy of information all those years and to date. Some information that comes up today, my source had heard many years ago and it is the same information. A bit complicated but I know we are all are extremely careful and don't want to spread "false" hopes or repeat exaggerations or lies.

My source also said for him to get about 6 minutes of information takes him hours as he just does not come out and interrogate "X". So, sometimes our frustrations about the amount of information shows.

*Any indication of a place which might transmit signals - may occur this year same time frame May/June: Doesn't know, will try and find out.

*Identity of "X" - Not possible.

*Do we have to keep this information to ourselves, forever? No you don't, It can be shared.

*Why is "X" forthcoming, isn't he afraid. "X" is talking to a friend of 35 years and trusts him, and yes if he knew his name was attached to this information he would be afraid. "X" has been shot in the past as indicated by scars he showed my source while on camping trip.

*Address of PACL Building - No

I have a new lead from the fire department angle. My friend who is retired by Sunnyvale DPS (cop/fire) gave me a name of his friend to call who may have information on the building. My friend did say there are buildings out there that fire is not allowed to go into and they have agreements if it burns the company will evacuate and the building will just burn because they are "secret" government buildings. My friend used to work in the area where several "hi tech" firms located and where the "Blue Cube" is located. Should pursue this lead.

Report D

Summary of conversation between PIs and Source on Sunday, April-13-2008

"X" is in his 70's. When asked by me if "X" is in poor health, would he give information "before he dies". Answer was no, he's not scared of dying. He did say "X" has had surgery in past and a lot of dental work, yet will NOT go under general anaesthetic because he does not want to involuntarily give up information he only uses local anaesthetic. "X" is a patriot. My source says "X" is telling truth.

"X" has seen alien craft, area #51.

The octopus craft (believed to be the drones) are based on alien technology.

"X" has not seen the CARET report of any of the recent publicity (including pictures) on the California Drones.

"X" has always had "cover jobs" through out his working life" and per my source is telling the truth. My source questioned him on one of his "cover jobs" as a truck driver (which my source is familiar with). "X" knew details of trucks most people, unless they are in the industry would not know. IE. some trucks use water in the braking system.

"X"'s reaction to my source when told about his buddies (me and Frank) investigating these sightings: "why are you pulling me into this" and "this is classified stuff".

"X" has been in this government secrecy culture too long to just ignore it.


There have been no reports from source or X since since April 13 2008.

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