Yosemite drone sighting

From Earthfiles June 10th 2007

Eyewitness, June 10, 2006, Yosemite National Park, California

Subject: I've seen the "Aerial Drone" at Yosemite, story and sketch included
Date: May 23, 2007
To: earthfiles@earthfiles.com

"Hi Linda,

A friend of mine came across your recent reports on the 'aerial drones' that have been sighted lately around California, and immediately forwarded them to me with the subject line, 'Would you like your payment in fives or tens?' The reason is that last summer, I took my two boys on a camping trip to Yosemite and encountered what I could only call a UFO at the time (unidentified flying object). I told the story to an old friend and coworker of mine, who did her best to be supportive, but just couldn't quite accept the story 'as-is'. We made a friendly bet ($20) that at some point, someone else would see what I saw and would come forward with information that backed up my story. Your recent reports bear such a resemblance to what I described to her that she paid me without argument (in two brand-new $10 bills, by the way ;-)

Attached is a sketch of what I saw. As you can see, it's not identical to the photos you've posted, but it's obvious they're related.

Sketches of unidentified aerial object seen on June 10, 2006, at Yosemite National Park, California.

As for the story itself, it took place on the 10th of June, 2006. I know this because our trip lasted from the 9th to the 11th and this took place on the second night we were there. So the date as I remember it is definitely accurate.

It was about a half hour before sundown and we were about 10 minutes from our camp site (we were looking for marshmallow roasting sticks.) We first noticed this 'thing' almost directly above us, not much higher than the tops of the trees. It looked just like the sketch, despite my lack of drawing skill, and was moving extremely slowly. The way it moved really looked effortless. As you can see in the sketch, it was like two very long, thin shapes connected with a ring. The arms looked just like the photos you posted although I don't remember seeing any of the lettering. It was getting pretty dark, though, so I'm not going to say it wasn't there, I just don't remember seeing anything like that. Coming off the top of the ring were those same curved spike things in the photos. Unlike the other pictures I've seen, however, the thing I saw also had a kind of 'arm' that reached down from the ring as well. I have no idea what any of these features were for, as I never saw it 'do' anything other than fly around.

My hearing hasn't been that great for the last few years, so I can't say I heard it make any sounds, but my sons both said they remember hearing a very faint crackling noise that sounds similar to what your articles mention. What I did notice was more of a 'feeling' than a sound. If you can imagine 'feeling' the chopping sound of a helicopter, rather than hearing it, and if you can imagine it much faster, then that's a pretty good idea of what it was like. But it was extremely faint, and I admit it's the part of the story I remember the least clearly. So make of that what you will.

I was very unsettled at first. I've been around long enough to know when something doesn't 'look right,' and this was one of those things. I've also been camping since I was a girl and this is the first time I've ever seen anything strange in the sky. The boys, however, were fascinated, and my oldest (who is 10) decided to shine his flashlight on it to get a better look. By the way, the flashlight he was carrying was a gift from my ex-husband, is extremely powerful, and is his favorite thing to toy around with on these trips.

I didn't even have a chance to react to what he was doing when things got weird- it was like the moment the light hit the thing, it jerked very quickly and started to move in another direction. The boys found this amusing to say the least. They chased after it and hit it with the light again, which caused it to change direction a second time. I of course ran to keep up with them, which was the first movement I made since I first saw the thing. They did this maybe three or four more times until it finally stopped reacting to them and just - stopped. Like, literally froze in the air without even slowing down. I must say, seeing this thing totally motionless was a lot more unsettling than seeing it move. Even the boys stopped in their tracks at that point. It just hung there for about 5 seconds, and then got going again.

From then on it stuck to its direction (still moving very slowly) and no longer jerked around. You could say that this moved like the other reports, like a "water insect" as I think you put it, but in our case it only seemed to do this in reaction to the flashlights, not on its own.

I must admit, I was amazed at how the boys took it all in stride, and this made me a lot more at ease. Plus, the way this thing freaked out whenever a flashlight touched it made it seem almost harmless in a way. I guess I never felt all that scared because I never felt out of control. Of course I worry about my sons more than anything else, but seeing them laugh and shine their flashlights around under this thing made it seem like there was nothing to worry about (whether that was true or not). It didn't look anything like the so-called 'UFOs' we've all seen, so I wasn't even thinking about aliens and monsters and stuff. In fact, my first 'rationalization' was that it had something to do with weather tracking. Just thinking back on it as I write this, it was more weird than it was frightening.

This thing never made a big dramatic exit like your articles mention. It was moving generally in the direction of our camp site, so we were able to follow it as we walked back, and arrived at our tent just as the sun went down. It kept going, and from then on we never saw it again, including the next night.

My oldest in particular had a lot of questions when it was all over, so I simply leveled with him. I had no idea! I mentioned the weather tracking idea and he seemed to accept it, but I didn't hide the fact that I wasn't sure. I really was lucky this wasn't a scarier experience, because I honestly don't know what I would have done to explain it or calm the boys down.

The last thing worth mentioning is that about an hour after the event ended, just as I was falling asleep, I heard an - extremely - loud, high-pitched sound come from somewhere in the distance. It sounded like it was coming from a long ways off, but was still loud enough to startle the hell out of us. It was like a buzzing, but - very - loud and very brief. I have no idea if it had anything to do with the craft, but I though I'd mention it.

I just looked back and realized I've pretty much written a novel in this email. ;-) Sorry to ramble, but it's been almost a year since this happened and in this whole time I haven't had a chance to dump the full story out and not worry that people are going to call the men in white coats. For similar reasons, I've asked the boys to refrain from talking much about it, at least in class. Of course they've already blabbed it to all their friends but it hasn't been a big deal so far.

Fortunately unlike what you posted on the site, none of us have suffered any headaches or anything like that. Not yet, that is! ;-)

Anyway, I hope this information is useful to you, and I'll be reading your site in the future to see if this whole mystery can be figured out. I think I've shared everything here, but if there's anything else you'd like to know just ask. It's good to know that other people have seen these things and that someone appears to be working hard to figure out what it's all about. Keep it up!"