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There is a possibility that the CARET case was created by one or more people just for fun.


  • An example is the drone copycat Walter who submitted "drone-like" images and later admitted to creating the Michigan and Oregon images [1]. Walter ends the communications with; "No more drones for me though...greener pasteurs you know." as if he is going to carry on with more hoaxes. In this case, Walter did come forward, unlike Isaac or Raj etc..
  • Another example comes from where they imply that their art of man-made crop circles requires anonymity to maintain the illusion [citation needed]. Apparently they do not take money for some of their creations.


The fact that no one has claimed copyright on all or part of the drone case may be evidence that there was no monetary motivation.


It has often been implied on forums that a young prankster could create the entire case in a short time. And, it has often been argued that some aspects of the case took more dedication than the average youngster would have. this would imply a more sophisticated prankster or group.

Specific cases[edit]

Android Jones brushes[edit]

Artist Android Jones produced a live art showing in Japan about 24 hours after Isaac released the LAP drawing. The presentation included images from the LAP drawing presented as brushes [citation needed]. It is argued that Jones would not have enough time to see the Isaac release then produce the live art show so quickly without having prior knowledge of the case. A reply from Jones regarding his involvement has not yet been obtained.