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The Internal Astronaut (IA) idea started about 2003 and the website was placed online in 2006 with no link to drone related material. Then in 2008, the website started containing drone related text characters.

The site had been claimed to be the work of two people; Virgil Crow and Sebastian Sine claiming it was a social experiment during an audio interview. They also spread printed material about to attract others to the website.

Around July 2011, a Bunny Funkhouser appeared online claiming that one of the original IA members, Elijah Tome, is lost in a Limbang Borneo forest while searching for an Oltissis Power Station (OPS), named so after the word Ultissis which apparently Elijah imagined while thinking about drones in February 2011 (after drone eye-witness Ted Conners received his telepathic message in October 6 2010, then Virgil Crow piggy-backed it to fit the Oltissis info that had been circulating around at the time). The two words may mean different things.

Elijah by way of Bunny claims that 144 such stations exist around world and members of the IA group have used remote viewing to locate some of these stations:

  • 3 in Antarctica
  • 3 in N Pole region
  • 1 in Southern IL
  • 1 near Sloan Iowa
  • 1 in Limbang Borneo
  • 1 north east of Boulder CO
  • 1 off the coast of Gulf Breeze FL

Map of OPSs: <googlemap version="0.9" lat="0" lon="0" zoom="0" controls="large"> -83, 0, Antarctica -83, 120, Antarctica -83, -120, Antarctica 83, 0, N Pole region 83, 120, N Pole region 83, -120, N Pole region 39.935539,-105.161476, North east of Boulder CO 36.456636,-87.626953,Southern IL 42.233056,-96.224444, Near Sloan Iowa 4.346647,115.183628, Limbang Borneo 40.014986,-105.270546, North east of Boulder CO 30.357144,-87.163857, Off the coast of Gulf Breeze FL </googlemap>