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: Anonymous model-maker
: Nemo492 June 06, 2008, 10:25:44 PM
From Suspicioso : "This one has been debated back and forth quite a bit, but for me there has always been a "model like" quality to the Chad/Raj drones. (I'll set the BB one aside for now). Anyway, I'm no expert, so I decided to ask a SF special effects expert for their opinion.

Sadly I can't name this expert, though I think its extremely likely you'd be familiar with his work on many famous SF films and TV series. Anyway, at my request he very kindly took a look at the Drone images; as a professional special effects model-maker he's quite used to repurposing all kinds of odd materials to create alien spacecraft.

His verdict is very definite that this is a model:"

Well I've now had a chance to look at the photos in detail. [And I] think it's a model made fairly simply from a round 35mm film carousel (those things used to show slides) as the central circular section, and another lampshade with some bits of steel or aluminium rods as the curved pieces going up from the carousel. With the addition of some wing-like pieces with rods running through them added just to make it look weird.

I have a couple of these carousels & held at the angle of some of the photos they are EXACTLY the same as the lower section. Even the detail of the carousel is the same with several layers of circular section raised up and the number of notches running around the rim where the projector's "arm" turns the carousel.

Apart from that it simply looks small & model-like, & could have easily been held in the air supported on one of its "wing-arms", or just hung up in front of a full-size background.
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: leviathan June 06, 2008, 11:06:40 PM
Sorry Suspicioso no cigar.  I got one of my carousels down and other than being a ring, there is no likeness.  This is from an expert!  Fits my belief: "They speak and therefore it is". In this case it is not a 35mm Carousel.
The suspected size of the Drones, brings on a whole new set of issues and if left to other forums would never have been accomplished.  I hope this shows what a planned rush to judgment can do to hide what should not have been seen.
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: Nemo492 June 06, 2008, 11:14:29 PM
and Spf33's reply to Suspicioso :

"a fine example of pipe pig syndrome.
the viewer sees what he knows. the 3d guys sees a mesh, the plumber sees a pipe pig, the practical modeler sees physical model, the mechanic sees an engine part and on and on...

he added :

"i see no proof that the objects in these photos are any of the things mentioned
i see no proof that the photos are anything beyond what they are reported to be.
i see no proof that the photos are as real as they claim to be.
which is why i'm still here after a year with hundreds of hours of thought and consideration and hundreds of illustrative studies later."
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: Nemo492 June 06, 2008, 11:50:20 PM

OnTheFence :

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: Douglas June 07, 2008, 08:24:33 PM
This is my first post to this great site.  Well done research.

I have looked at the Drone photos for almost a year now.  I can say this with a great deal of confidence..... Chads photos are not a model...period.

I have been a professional model builder for the last 25+ years.  Yes, I could make a model of a drone like object.  But, it is so very complicated an object that any professional model building company in the world would not even consider such a project for less that one hundred thousand  US dollars and probably much more.

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: tomi June 08, 2008, 08:58:46 AM
Thank you very much Douglas for that statement.  It is refreshing to hear someone with some real experience at model making pitch in and give an "expert" statement like that.  We have looked at these objects for a year now, studied them and basic common sense tells me the same thing you have told us.  It would be a very tough, expensive project indeed. 

We have wadded through so much mire from so called "experts".   I hate to bring more mire to the table, but yet another "expert" over on ATS has just posted this blurb:

"In case anyone wonders what is stopping a person who didn't create this fake taking credit, I spotted something orginally in the drones that the hoaxer did wrong (its something very commonly overlooked for some modellers). This is my personal 'ace in the hole' as with one question I can tell a real hoaxer from some attention seeker. I've not shared it with anyone (not Springer or on ATS or anywhere...)as its then opens up a can of worms of hoaxers knowing a 'tell tale sign'."

I love how they convince themselves how they are saving the world from themselves.. as well.  Sad, frustrating and probably time just to ignore their BS now as they have proven there is nothing new under the sun to their basis of hoax theory except bluster.
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: Douglas June 08, 2008, 07:44:06 PM
Thanks Tomi for the post.

The poster on ATS probably fears that he would reveal something that is completely irrelevant and will himself be found wanting.  We've run into this before. I just want to say, oh please, please tell us, we can't stand the suspense. Too funny.

Besides all of that, these drones are NOT new.  I did a lot of research last year  and posted my findings on several  UFO websites and with LM Howe.  You may have seen my reports. People have been seeing these objects for hundreds of years and have reported them to local authorities.  I went through about a dozen of my old UFO books from the 1950's and found all kinds of reports about circular craft with holes in the center and with odd pointed things sticking out from the sides, etc, etc.  These drones have been around for a long time.

Even Adamski had seen one of the Drones in the eary 1950's onboard a mothership and was told by the space alien "NOT to describe them" in his books.  I have the exact quote.

Also, when you examine the Chad photos you can clearly see the hinges on the lower legs of the cage on the bottom of the drone.  It is my opinion that these lower appendages are hinged so that they can be dropped down to act as a base stand for the central drone structure.  Adamski stated that he saw the craft "sitting" inside the mothership in a storage area.  Also, the 'commander' said that these remote controlled craft were used by them for taking scientific type measurements for monitoring the earth.  [No big surprise there.]

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: tomi June 08, 2008, 09:33:13 PM
Douglas, this is the kind of information I have been looking for precisely.  It's just too fine that you posted this comment.  Could I possibly persuade you to scan those illustrations and descriptions from the books you have and post them here in a separate thread properly titled.  What a treasure!  I have asked others who have a large collection to go through indexes and look for descriptive words in some of their old books.

Would you also please direct me or post that chapter where the drone is described by Admaski?  This is just toooo good!  After a very anguised few days of ad hominem abusive over at that other place, it's welcome news for sure.  :D  Thank You!