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: KK and LL photos.
: elevenaugust July 19, 2008, 03:55:05 AM
Since the purpose of some on OMF is only to generate traffic with endless debates, I'll let the Drone topic die over there and post only here my thoughts regarding the KK/LL photos.

I made a little test with my own camera on the landscape around my house:
1- I took two different zoom shoots (at the same level zoom) moving back by 5 feet, at the 3264*2448 shoots size of my camera; and made some measurements of the pylone and of the foreground tree:

2- I resized the two previous images to fit those of Ty at 504*378, with both the same resolution (180.00 pixels/inches)
At this resolution, there's no differences between the pixels numbers (or around 1 pixel) of the power pole whereas there are at the max 3264*2448 size.

What we learn at least of this is that:
: Re: KK and LL photos.
: elevenaugust July 19, 2008, 03:59:08 AM
I forgot to add in my demonstration that I consider (an estimation) the bush at the right on my pictures to be about at the same distance as the background trees on Ty's photos (70-80 feet away).
The drone IMO is further than the background trees.
In fact, we have to consider three things (with all the camera specification, of course):
before drawing assumptions about the real size of an object.

In my GIF example, the pole line have exactly the same pixels size at a poor resolution but NOT at the max resolution.
If the drone were closer than the background tree, I guess that a differences could have been detected in the numbers of pixels of it, between KK and LL; and I also think it's possible even in a poor resolution (again depends of the distance of the drone and of the resolution of the photograph).
However, like you noticed it, it's difficult to count the drone pixels since it's tilting and rotating.

I'm really curious to see if there's differences between KK and LL drone size in Hi-res. picture.
IMO, yes, or the drone is really really BIG!!
: Re: KK and LL photos.
: Endzone July 19, 2008, 04:07:02 AM
It makes sense to me the way you put it. And I have always believed the drones were pretty good sized, especially the TY drone.
: Re: KK and LL photos.
: elevenaugust July 19, 2008, 04:20:09 AM
I made this test with a 7 steps back between the two shoots.
I guess, like Spf said, that it's too much and that maybe 2 or 3 feet away is enough to:
- introduce parallax
- make the drone the same size for photos downsized at a poor resolution.

I'll make the test today. :D
: Re: KK and LL photos.
: 10538 July 19, 2008, 07:15:38 AM
I agree 11A.  You are showing them indisputible proof how the Ty photos are easily possible.  Unfortunately some people at omf lack the understanding of how photographic perspective is affected by zooming and camera movements, especially the latter.  I have attempted to explain it to them but it's like talking to a wall.  Either they are incapable of understanding or they simply refuse to admit their error for whatever reason or agenda.

Yes there is a minor coincedence occurring between LL and KK but when the odds are considered it's plain to see it nowhere near to realm of an impossibility.  But if you are someone looking for an excuse to deny the entire drone saga, it's close enough.
: Re: KK and LL photos.
: majicbar July 19, 2008, 07:33:55 AM
I finally had to post more on the subject at OMF too, facts are facts and the persistent failure to allow the pixels to speak for the truth, and having predecided what that truth is to be, is more than I can stand. I posted at OMF the drones measurements, and proved the drone in kk and ll to be 3.9% different in size, yet the claim persisted that teh drone in these two photos was the same size. The argument of perspective, etc., well, why bother. Open Minds Forum should not represent a Closed Mind Mentality. We have to hope that eventually the truth will prevail over those who those who aspire to be would-be debunkers.