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All the Lap/diagram related discuss here.

In the latest crop circles there is a circle that relates to the value of PI. Apart from the thought that the aliens would also use a base ten and how that might not be too likely given how most reported aliens seem to have eight fingers, isn't it interesting that the LAP Diagrams seem to indicate a base 8 notation. (perhaps the ET's chose base ten because they found out that we were rather slow and backwards and they needed to put this in terms we could understand.)

In the same area in 1991 there was another crop circle and it had a triangular pattern, and on one leg of the triangle there was a stepped circle much like that shown in the LAP Diagram on CARET Document page 123. This crop circle was stepped every 90 degrees by one step, six times. If you take the value of each step this comes out to 111111. It turns out that this number has specific mathematical meanings in the area of primes and as such may be meant to communicate something very particular about mathematics and the crop circle formations.



In the LAP Primer the diagrams on page 123 are also stepped every 90 degrees and this may be for some particular reason in communication with the substrate material. In geometry and trigonometry, angles have particular notions and notations, and it may be inherent in the structure of fields that the substrate is able to manipulate the fields and can be given instructions to do so.


To this thought it is that I've been looking at these diagrams and trying to figure out what might be trying to be done here. My first thought was that the Diagram might be an instruction in base four, or base three, it was not making much sense in any of them. It would have been so much easier had ISAAC given us more on the "Alien" mathematical format. IMO at this point, given the 1991 crop circle, and the relation to its number 111111 and how it was portrayed, I've hit upon this possible explanation.

Take it as the line width will represent a value in whatever base notation this is supposed to represent, being a math problem let us call this X. Let the line width then represent the power to which this number is raised. The thinnest line is base power, next greatest width is squared and the next is cubed, and so on, but we only have the three so far. Let us now do a notation for the number, let us also use the ^ symbol to represent the power notation. From what I opine, the alien notation in the LAP Diagram is from the inside out. Thus we shall start from the inside, and let us use 2 for the value of X in this exercise. The stepped notation thus starts 2^1*2^3*2^2, at which point we hit the first step and it has the greater value line width, so we will take the first part of the equation and enclose it in brackets and advance by the cubic power the next element, 2^3*2^2*2^3, and the next step comes, it is of the width representing the square, so we will bracket the preceding and raise it by the second power, and we will finish with 2^1*2^2*2^1. This gives us finally, (((2^1*2^3*2^2)^3)(2^3*2^2*2^3)^2)(2^1*2^2*2^1)). (I hope that I finally have this correct.)

Let us say we were the head of trying to decipher the Alien symbology and we cane across this notation. ISAAC said that the symbology was very complex and could note many things. While I have done this little exercise to mostly amuse myself in trying to understand the LAP Diagram symbology and what they might possible mean or be used for, it leaves me curious, just a little artifact to ponder. Most of the CIA types and most of the members of the supposed MJ-12 and President Truman were very avid cross word puzzlers. Seizing on the name CARET, while it might also play a critical mathematical relationship in understanding how the Language is to communicate, it would seem tempting for that type of mind.
DISCLAIMER: My math stinks and this is for illustration and amusement purposes only.

Sometime back someone mentioned a link to 109.5 degrees and some interesting possibilities that might be occurring in the drone case . At the time, I took a look at the LAP diagram and identified all the places with that angle shown:

Recently, the Mars Phoenix Lander found Perchlorate in a soil sample:

Notice the similarity of that 109.5 angle. Also, many other molecules and geometry arrangements use that angle, but mainly for 3D representation, not 2D (from what I can tell).

Interesting. The angle of 109.5 degrees is found in any tetrahedron, defined as the angle between the lines going from the center of the tetrahedron to the vertices (and I think also the angle between the faces, but I did not verify).

So perchlorate, methane (CH4) and wathever tetrahedron-based structure will show the 109.5 angle.

Also to note that if you want to put 4 points on a sphere with a maximum of distance between them, the optimal position of these 4 points will form a tetrahedron. The angle 109.5 appears also in the optimal arrangement of bubbles in foam. In other words, the tetrahedron is a very natural, optimal structure in 3 dimensions.

Even if interesting, these remarks do not bring us really far, except that they support the idea that the LAP could be the 2D projection (or idealised representation) of a 3D structure.

Following this idea, the lines and curves present in the diagram may give an information about the z coordinate of the different elements. For example, the thickness of the lines may show the distance between a connection and the observer (the thickest=the nearest). This is used sometimes to represent molecules (here a connection C-H in the direction of the observer is represented as a triangle):

I still have no result with this idea, maybe it will inspire someone...

In my humble opinion, the straight lines in the LAP were drawn in by PACL studying these same angles. They collide with the bar codes and other symbols in a clumsy way which is not seen for the curved lines. Delete the straight lines and the beauty of the LAP is greatly enhanced.


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