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--- Quote from: algae on February 10, 2010, 09:27:12 PM ---... the straight lines in the LAP were drawn in by PACL ...
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Thanks. Like this?:



--- Quote from: algae on February 10, 2010, 09:27:12 PM ---In my humble opinion, the straight lines in the LAP were drawn in by PACL studying these same angles. They collide with the bar codes and other symbols in a clumsy way which is not seen for the curved lines. Delete the straight lines and the beauty of the LAP is greatly enhanced.

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wow, interesting idea.

but if the straight lines were added pen or pencil then why mimic the same gaps that the curved\original lines have in places? 

why not just lay the straight edge down and pull a solid unbroken line?

To me, the straight lines don't connote function, they just connote geometry, something we humans like to find.

It is possible that the straight lines were always there, and that the PACL team only extended them in the vicinity of the "medallions" to ascertain that they intersected the centers.

This isn't the strangest conjecture one could make about the LAP, not by a long shot!

No, wait. I take it back! Look at onthefence's rendering of the LAP without the triangles. It can now come apart into three sections. There's the section which includes the "Octal Junction and its six attendant nodes. There's a section including the "Rotary Junction" and its attendant two nodes. And then there's everything else connected to the "Compound Junction".

I could easily believe we're looking at a "mothership" (I hate that expression), an exploratory drone, and something else, maybe an escape pod or landing craft. The triangles merely show the RSRs holding the sections in the docked configuration.

This fully supports the notion of the LAP as a program. The composition and makeup of dronecraft is determined graphically, and the sophisticated substrate material reconfigures itself to comply.

Thanks to everyone for patiently letting this newbie rant. I'll be running out of steam soon enough.

elevenaugust, have you discovered anything more about the number system? I have noticed something interesting at the nodes "Parent Junction",  "Diffuser", "Object Z", and "Rotary Junction". They all have an "orbit" or "orbits" of different diameters. Furthermore, the numbering on these "orbits" uses only five out of the eight numeric symbols.

Assume the numbers are proportional to the orbital diameters. Five diameters, five symbols. That's five equations in five unknowns. We ought to be able to solve for the values of these five symbols as long as we know whether to read left-to-right or right-to-left. If you think it's worth it, I'll give it a try.


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