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Re: Hasty conclusions
« Reply #15 on: August 08, 2008, 10:17:41 am »
Hi Nekitamo,

Here is what I see that doesn't add up to the example posted on OM forum.
I'm debating if I should post it there, but I've been warned I am spamming  :o

Hi, tomi. Well, camera angle indeed doesn't affect shadows on the drone, so in my last example I positioned it a bit more towards the tail for better visibility of some details. Here's another example with even more camera angles:

However, drone geometry matters very much and due to its complex shape even small changes in relative positions and/or angles of its parts can produce quite different results without significant changes in the overall appearance of the drone (especially with restricted set of 2D views for comparison). As you can see above, I'm trying to enhance my simple model in order to get everything right, but being only a beginner in this field my research by itself may not matter much as a proof of anything. Anyway, at least my mistakes seem to provoke further research by other, more skilled members, so I'll keep trying.
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