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strange dreams 1967
« on: July 30, 2008, 07:45:02 pm »
When I saw the first drone pictures last year they looked strangely familiar to me. I knew I had seen these devices before, but where? I have thought of many things including dishwashers and machines for producing and spinnig artificial fibers.
But where did I know these symbols from?
The answer came to me when I looked at the white on black symbols on the Isaac fotos.
Befor this I did not believe in ufos. Space is too big, speed of light is limit and so on. I loved science all my life, openminded, but not easy to convince of anything "supernatural".
BUT - these symbols. I have seen them in two dreams I had back in summer 1967 when I was almost twelve years old.
Till I saw the drones those had been only nice, exciting dreams with a special feeling.
Now it seems I might have to expand my view of reality.

About those dreams :
It was the summer of 1967. I was almost twelve years old. There were two dreams some days apart. In the first dream I was in a white VW-Beetle with some other people driving along a windy German country road between some hills. Kind of teletubby land. At a hazeltree we stopped. Forgot to say it was a moonlit night. I got out of the car and there were two human looking people. A tall, maybe 1,80m woman, very female outlooks and long dark, curly hair. And a much smaller, maybe 1,60 man. His hair was light blonde and shortcut. Both wore black, not reflecting clothes. I knew they had been waiting for me. We talked telepathical, said hello and they invited me into their shuttle.
The shuttle was a perfect sphere with no markings, diameter from the outside about 5 meters. The colour and the material were strange. The colour looked like white made of all colours even those you cannot see. The material looked smooth but with structure that I now would call fractal. We went inside. There was no door, we simply stepped in and stood on a kind of upward spiralling ramp. We walked half a round but it did not feel or look like walking upwards. The inside was the same strange white, but with rainbow coloured glowing fringes on all edges and moving rainbowpatterns on some surfaces. It looked bigger than from the outside, about 10m. I don't remember when in those dreams, but they told me it takes two persons to fly those ships, because one of them becomes one with the ship during flight the other one has to check the displays and the welfare of the pilot.
I asked if I could fly this ship and they promised later I would, but first we had to go to the mothership for a meeting and some instructions.
And so we did.
 We went up to the mothership. Very short journey. I think it was near the moon. When we arrived a round part of the shuttle became transparent and I could see the mothership or better a small part of it. I have no idea how big it was. Our shuttle was near the bottom of the mothership, I could see stars below it. But to the other directions there was only the ship. The material was a strange kind of very dark grey made of all colours, but mostly dark purple and green. Inspite of that it had a silvery sparkle all over it. The structure was the same fractal as the shuttle. There was also bigger structures. It looked a bit like the ships humans built with help from the asgard in the Stargate series.
The stuff the mothership was made of looked very much like the stuff Isaacs antigrav device is made of. AND there was an inscription on the mothership. White, same symbols as on the drones, in different sizes, similar to the inscriptions on the drones arms.
I asked if this was the name of the ship and they answered :"almost, and much more than that. You will understand when the time has come." I asked when this would be but they changed topic. A part of the mother ship became transparent too, so I could see something like a white hall with shadowy people. My two friends from the shuttle told me to step over. I was a bit surprised and anxious because I clearly could see about 1,50m open space between us and the mothership. They giggled a bit and said: "Just step over. There is no Danger. You only see it. You don't feel it." So I took a step and stood in the hall.
I stood in this big hall. It looked a bit like a shopping mall ( I had not seen one at that time ) with galeries and something in the middle that at first glance looked like a very big christmas tree. The tree stood in the midst of a lake and the "christmas effect" came from a glowing and sparkling fountain that went up through the tree and poured down on the outside. The hall was lit by ambient light ( not existant at that time ) that came frome the white floor, walls and ceiling. There were some more plants and I think some small creeks.
On the galeries there were about 100 people, standing or walking, some of them chatting. They were small, maybe 1,20m and were all dressed in silver grey hooded coats. They did not look wholly human. Very pale skin, very big eyes. I have difficulties to remember their faces. Some of them came to look at me and say hello.
I asked what they were doing in the hall and was told they were working.
Flying the ship for instance. and that there are more such halls on the ship. With partly different tasks. Some were crossing the floor coming from the galeries or walking up to them. Some were bringing items like witish sheets or rainbow sparkling "pieces" of different forms. And some brought plants or changed their places. I was told that all of these actions or nonactions are part of flying the ship.
This is a long story I will continue soon.
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Re: strange dreams 1967
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2008, 10:13:20 pm »

Thank you for posting your story of your  visit to the mothership.  I don't speak for the entire Forum but I like to read these type of stories.  The Drones have to come from someplace and that could very well be the ship you visited.  We do not laugh at people on this site.  This site is for research not ridicule.  The truth often comes in very strange ways.



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Re: strange dreams 1967
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2008, 10:58:28 pm »
Thank you for sharing a story as profound as this with us. You are welcomed with open arms here and many of us have a story of our own, some like you, have had dreams of the drones or the images of the symbols. I myself just last year had a dream of the day the drones expose the entire world to their presence in our skies in a mass uncloaking.
I can't wait to hear the rest.  8) 8) 8)

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Re: strange dreams 1967
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2008, 10:55:32 pm »
Thank you all for your friendly welcome!
I am happy to have found a place to tell my story to people who are open to investigate the unusual and are capable to do it in a serious and professional way.
Before the drones I always thought of symbolical explanations for those dreams. But now I ask myself are symbols more real than we are used to think? Or is reality symbolical? Or both?
Back to my dreams.
It's getting weirder.
The little ones behaved somewhat like children. There were other aliens too. About ten or twelve of them. Very big, maybe 2,30m, shiny, creamy white coloured all over with a bottom long cloak that somehow seemed to be part of their body.
One of them approached me and sent the little ones away.
" I have to teach you some fundamental important things " , she said and took me under her cloak. This was a strangely nice experience. It was like in a mothers womb but with white, not red light.  I wanted to know who she was and she told me she was the mother of this part of the ship. And then she send me a huge heap of information I could not comprehend at that time. It was like a download not only in my brain but in my whole system.
She said I would understand when the time has come. And she said with a smile, I now had the ability to fly the shuttle. But now they had to bring me home.
The way home and the time  was too short for a real test flight, my two human looking friends told me, but they promised to come back and take me for a ride as soon as possible.
This was the first dream. Details still keep coming back.

Since the drones and the LAP report surfaced memories keep coming back and the informations she gave me are working their way to the surface.
But often it is difficult for me to find words for it.

One very weired and unbelievable detail just jumps back into my mind: The " articulated " parts of our communication were in English. I am German. I had " enjoyed " 1 1/2 year of English lessons by a German teacher at that time, but nevertheless I loved the language.
It was this sentence word by word that stuck out:
" You will understand when the time has come. "

Enough memory digging for today.
To be continued.

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Re: strange dreams 1967
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2020, 01:10:28 pm »
new weird connection to "reality"

this is the new Changi airport in Singapore
and it also looks very similar to the control room of the mothership
except there was a huge tree in the middle of the waterfall
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