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OMF Admin on the Drones case
« on: August 06, 2008, 03:42:10 pm »
Bren posted this message today. So this is a reminder.

Before people decide to burn 'wicker drones' or 'wicker hoaxers' (!) - i thought it would be timely to 'take-stock' of where we are - and where we've been.

One thing is for sure: This whole 'drone' story is still in very early days.

I wrote the following back in April ;)


Apr 12, 2008, 1:36pm, admin wrote:

First of all - Huge 'Kudos' to the DRT for doing such a tenacious job with getting the 'Drone/CARET' issues resolved - one way or the other. 8-)

Likewise, Kudos to those who have provided food for thought regarding the 'Hoax Hypothesis'. 8-)

Please, though - I hate to see the passions getting over heated and friendships strained over personal 'beliefs' and opinions. :(

It takes a strong person to walk away from rising to a perceived 'taunt'. And there are some very strong people here ;) - your patience has been admirable. You know who you are. ;) 8-)

If it's 'real' (in some way, either via an 'acclimation program' or 'ET') or 'hoax' - the fact is, BOTH outcomes are a RESULT. The fact that the 'drones/caret' are the biggest story in UFOlogy deserves a full and thorough analysis from the UFO Community. And if a hoaxer is caught - it will help deter other 'would be' hoaxers from appearing in the future ( don't underestimate the tenacity and resourcefulness of the DRT/OM community ;) 8-) ) - and will strengthen the credibility of the community as a whole.


Today - August 2008

We are at the point now - thanks to some incredible (if not the most incredible) 'picture analysis' from various members within the OMF Community - when we can (relatively!) safely say that: Whoever produced the 'Drone' / CARET images has/had access to incredible CGI skills, a vast amount of time and other resources and an incredible expertise in logistics, evidently all researched and compiled to deploy the 'operation' - and evade being successfully tracked down - by researchers, journalists, police and P.I.'s. - The the level of logistics and 'deployment' that any Govt. or Security Agency would be proud of.

Given how unlikely it would be for someone (mundane/member of public) to pull such a complex 'show' off - there is no existing example of anything remotely similar - then my original hypothesis stands: Sanctioned Acclimation as part of the Disclosure Program - CARET / Drone images are based on 'real' / known ET technology.


"[...] If it's 'real' (in some way, either via an 'acclimation program' or 'ET') or 'hoax' - the fact is, BOTH outcomes are a RESULT. [...]"
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