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Cam - Scotts Valley, California
« on: May 09, 2008, 06:30:14 pm »
April 2008, 02nd we received an email from TK Davis saying:
â??Received call yesterday about witness to "drone like" object seen in Scotts Valley, CA.  On Monday 3-31-08 at approx. 10:15 to 10:30 am she (Cam) was in kitchen reaching for a pan (pots/pans hung from ceiling).  While looking up (where sky light is) she saw drone like craft, lone pointed nose, no wings go over her house.  Because it was not an airplane, she went outside to see it, but it was gone.  She is use to see aircraft going over her house to San Jose (Mineta) Airport.  This one, no noise. Height between private small planes and commercial jets.  Estimated about same or slightly smaller than commercial aircraft.  She has never before see UFO.  Not witnesses to this one even though her boyfriend was outside just not looking up.
She was aware of the drone sightings in Capitola and had previously seen pictures in news papers.  Similar shape but not same.  She immediately drew picture on nearby brochure which I have.
It should be noted her boyfriend right around that time had emailed us saying the drones were fake or something like that.
She was willing to be recorded, which we did, and would be willing to take lie detector test.
She seemed credible enough; she is a hairdresser out of her home and was doing someone's hair as we interviewed her.  Frank noticed the customer was not smiling or displaying negative body language.  Frank took pictures of inside sky light and outside her home.


April 2008, 06th we received the photographs taken by Tom and Frank in Camâ??s kitchen:
These are pictures taken at Cam's residence, Scotts Valley, CA.  Pictures of skylight and where she was when she saw the craft, and outside picture of skylight on roof, and picture of view from her front door looking straight ahead.


Camâ??s interview by Linda Moulton Howe, from Earthfiles:

This week, Tom Davis told me he met with a new eyewitness named Cam in Scotts Valley, northwest of Capitola.
Tom asked Cam if she would talk with me in a taped interview for Earthfiles and Dreamland internet radio and she agreed. Her sighting was at 10:15 AM on Monday, March 31, 2008, when she was working in her kitchen while her boyfriend, Geoff, was doing yard work outside.

Cam, Scotts Valley, California:  â??I was getting breakfast ready. I have a pan rack that hangs from my kitchen ceiling. Up above my pan rack are two, big skylights. I was in the process of getting ready to reach up and grab a pan from the rack when all of a sudden I caught some movement up in the skylight.
We live right under a flight path. We have a lot of airlines that go over and at first I thought that might have been what it was. But it looked a little smaller than a commercial plane like the 747s or whatever. I know they are up around 30,000 to 40,000  feet, I think. This thing was lower than that and I thought maybe it was a military jet.
Then all of a sudden I started realizing, â??Wait a minute! There are no wings, no sound, and we had the windows open and the door was open. We should have been able to hear something because you can hear planes in the kitchen. And then I realized that it had this huge, long nose on the front of it. So, it was a really long nose and the body had a round shape. I saw a little bit of what I thought could have been a tail, another round shape. But I had my hands up trying to figure out how long this thing was. If you held your hand straight up against a jet commercial plane â?? thatâ??s a couple of inches. This thing was maybe an inch and a quarter. So, it was really high up there. It was hard to tell how long it was because I didnâ??t have a whole lot of reference.
Later, I saw pictures (of 2007 dragonfly drones) that showed spiky appendages coming off of it (ring). I didnâ??t see that, but Iâ??m thinking itâ??s because it was so high that I couldnâ??t see that.
But as soon as I saw all this, I went running out the front door to yell to my boyfriend, Geoff, to look up in the sky really fast because there was this thing in the sky. But by the time I got outside, it still should have been there like planes are, but it was gone. It was just gone! I donâ??t know where it went. But the path it was taking â?? we still should have been able to see it by the time I went outside because it was not going a tremendously fast speed. We should have been able to see it somewhere in the sky. But by the time I got to the front door, it was just gone. And it was so odd that there was absolutely no sound at all. Geoff had been working outside and he had no reason to look up because there was no noise.
Thatâ??s hard for me to decide. What I saw, it was so high up that Iâ??m not positive if there really was a ring that I could definitely see on that or not. To me, it seemed like a stainless steel colour. It did not seem super shiny. But again, it was so high and the angle I was seeing at was kind of underneath it. But since it was heading away from me, it was at an angle where I couldnâ??t really get a good look at exactly the bottom of it and I sure could not see the top of it. It could have had a ring in it because it could have been a little bit lighter in the middle (of round part). But I couldnâ??t tell if I could see sky through it because it was moving.
Right after Sighting, Cam Sketched
Wingless, Dragonfly Aerial Craft

I did a quick sketch as soon as I came back into the house because I didnâ??t want to forget what I saw. So I ran back in the house and drew what I saw on just the closest piece of paper I could find, which happened to be a brochure for a plant I had ordered. So, I just took an ink pen and sketched out really quickly what I had seen.
Thatâ??s right.
Didn't Look or Move Like a Helicopter?
The main thing is that Iâ??ve never seen a helicopter that had a huge, long point on it like this thing did. It was really, really long. The point of it was longer than the body was and the body was more of a round shape. It kind of came out a little on the sides (of body).
So, I donâ??t know if it was perfectly round or had little triangular edges on the side of it. Then the back, the way it looked. But there was no way that was a helicopter! You would have heard a helicopter.
It didnâ??t move like a helicopter at all and there was no sound. A helicopter has a really distinctive look and they donâ??t have that big point coming off the front. And it didnâ??t have wings. It wasnâ??t like any kind of shaped object that Iâ??ve ever seen. And to not have any noise. We can hear plane sounds here, you can here helicopters, and they go over a lot. With our being in a flight pattern, you hear planes and you hear personal planes like Cessnas. You hear them all the time. With the windows open, there should have been sound if it were a helicopter. And there was nothing.
Scotts Valley Dragonfly Craft
Moved Tail First

Yeah, except with no wings. But it did kind of have that shape with the long point in the front. And I did some checking on the internet to see if anybody had seen anything like I saw and I have heard that they go the other direction (ring ahead of long tail). But the one I saw, the point of it was the direction it was going. So, mine would be headed tail first, I guess. Others have considered that long part to be the tail of it, but to me it was the front because I havenâ??t seen these before (or the photos before) and so what I was seeing was the long pointed end was the part that was headed forward.
Cam Reported Sighting to Tom Davis
This is a real interesting story. My boyfriend, Geoff, knew about the Capitola sighting we had up here. He had been checking out all this stuff on his own and had emailed him (Tom Davis) about some thoughts on it.
Geoff did show me a picture of the Capitola photo that was over a telephone pole. I thought it was probably nothing, so I dismissed it and wasnâ??t paying much attention to it. But Geoff still was, though. When I happened to see this thing in the sky, Iâ??m like, â??Oh, my gosh, that looks kind of like what heâ??s talking about.â?? I didnâ??t see a lot of the bottom hanging down or the stuff on top like the one photo, but it sure had that long pointy tip on it and Iâ??ve never seen anything else like that.
But it really happened and the more I thought about it, I thought, â??Well, these guys are investigators and they are retired sheriffs, so if he wanted to hook me up to a lie detector test, I had absolutely no problem because I honestly saw this. So I said (to Geoff), â??You can go ahead and call him and email him and tell him that I would be willing to do the lie detector test so he would know I was telling the truth.' So, thatâ??s why I was OK with Geoff contacting Tom because I knew I could prove it.
Air Traffic after Dragonfly
Craft Disappeared

Whatâ??s really interesting is that about five minutes after this thing headed north from where I am, a little Cessna headed south that was about 1500 or 2,000 feet. [Cam thought the dragonfly object was higher, maybe even as high as 10,000 feet.]
Oh, definitely! I could see and hear it (Cessna) and it made me realize how high that other must have been. Then a little past that, a plane came south that looked like a military. Geoff thought it was a military plane because of the number of engines on it and it had that white trail that comes out the back of it.
I was really curious if anybody saw this on radar because those two planes came from the other direction not too long afterwards.
He didnâ??t know. He just thought it was a coincidence that all of a sudden here was this big military plane, up high enough that it had the white trail coming off the back of it, and we donâ??t see those that often up here.â?
Cam Sketch, April 2, 2008
â??Wingedâ? Body like May 2006, Birmingham, Alabama?
Cam made another drawing of the dragonfly aerial body for on April 2, 2008.

Cam of Scotts Valley, California, made this second sketch on April 2, 2008,
of the wingless, dragonfly aerial craft she saw at 10:15 AM on Monday,
March 31, 2008. The aerial craft moved tail first in the sky. â??It seemed like a stainless
steel colour. It did not seem super shiny.� Sketch © 2008 by Cam for

What intrigues me is that when I asked Cam to look at all the 2006 and 2007 dragonfly photos and pick the one shape (not size) closest to her own sighting, she picked May 2006, in Birmingham, Alabama. That aerial dragonfly craft was also above a power pole and photographed by a military subcontractor. The reason for this selection, Cam explained, are the triangular â??wingsâ? that protrude from the sides of the ring body. She thought the round body of her Scotts Valley sighting had protrusions to the sides as well. Further, the segmented tail in the Birmingham May 2006 photograph reminded her of the segments in the much longer tail of the craft she saw.
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