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Re: Avalon apartments analysis
« Reply #105 on: January 09, 2009, 03:15:33 PM »
pic15 i've definitely had problems camera matching in 3ds max probably due to the zoom.

however, are you sure pic13\14 are zoomed with a different fov?

Sorry, you're probably right as I still didn't manage to process the rest of the images apart from #16. However, I gathered some data that you may be interested in - there's this from ICX284 (Dimage X CCD sensor) datasheet:

Device Structure
â?¢ Interline CCD image sensor
â?¢ Image size: Diagonal 6.64mm (Type 1/2.7)
â?¢ Total number of pixels: 1688 (H) Ã? 1248 (V) approx. 2.11M pixels
â?¢ Number of effective pixels: 1636 (H) Ã? 1236 (V) approx. 2.02M pixels
â?¢ Number of active pixels: 1620 (H) Ã? 1220 (V) approx. 1.98M pixels
â?¢ Chip size: 6.17mm (H) Ã? 5.17mm (V)
â?¢ Unit cell size: 3.275μm (H) Ã? 3.275μm (V)

I used this and information from number's calibration images to calculate FoV extremes for Dimage X:

Focal length range: 5.7 - 17.1 mm (3x)
35mm equivalent FL: 37.65 - 112,96 mm
Effective sensor size: 3.275μm x resolution = 5.24 x 3.93 mm
Horizontal FoV range: 49,37° - 17.42°
Vertical FoV range: 38.04° - 13.11°

I also got similar values previously by analyzing number's photographs of a ruler at known distance, but these are more precise.

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Re: Avalon apartments analysis
« Reply #106 on: February 21, 2009, 08:25:11 AM »
(Notice the gutter detail in the composite picture does not match. Note how the dovetailing on the corner of the gutter is 90 degrees in the one photograph (528) and 45 degrees in the one that Raj took. Gutters are unlikely to have been changed since Raj's pictures were taken, so then, this is not the building or not the corner.)

Now I notice that Arkhangels makes the same point on page 6, way too much info flow for my tired old brain.

The Team, has done very much work and for your efforts you are to be commended greatly.
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