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What if only a few of the revelations of Isaac are genuine?
maybe he chose to "blend" real hard evidence with fiction...
The "Inventory" photo is the most likely one to be true..and the LAP...
All other content might have been deliberately merged to make it sound somewhat reliable?

Is this a possibility? I don't know, but it would account for the results the "experts" have come up with...




--- Quote from: exdeath202 on June 28, 2009, 05:04:47 PM ---What do you mean? have any of the original Isaac documents been proven fake? If so, could you linke me to them? Thanks.

--- End quote ---

It was just a suggestion, no papers revealed by "Isaac" has been proved fake. That was not my point. My point is, could it be, that there was a higher meaning in releasing the information, "Isaac" did? Perhaps some are jumping to conclusions...that was never intended? Why release the short essay, if the whole just as easily could be dumped? Why hold back serious material, if all could be released? Questions, you responded asking if anyone has heard of anyone deeming the "Isaac" revelations" as fraud...

You respond friend. Asking if we know "Issac" told one to this date knows, and that's the enigma!

What I meant, was, do we really know, that "Isaac" tells the truth?

I'ts up to you to verify that, and that's what I mean.


I wouldn't be at all surprised that the PTB are fully aware of who Issac is.


--- Quote from: exdeath202 on July 12, 2009, 02:46:43 PM ---Well, i dont think we will ever know if the Isaac papers were genuine or not. Buts its true that they could be faked specially the A devices photos. I guess that he could have given more info but maybe they could know who he was if he released more papers, since it would make it easier to track down who he was.
About getting wrong conclussions... i dont think its possible, unless the info is just a puzzle that means something that must be dechyphered. The info he gave us is a collection of "facts", i find it hard to jump into wrong conclussions with this kind of info.
But it sounds like you have some ideas in mind that would be interesting :D, would love to hear what exactly you have in mind when you mention wrong conclussions.

--- End quote ---

Releasing only ONE (1) sheet of this kind would give him away...


It's commonly known, that if you wan't to release secret information, you "blend" it with often known facts. What I was implying, was that it's interesting that the correlation with the "LAP" and the "TY" sightings gives some kind of connection....

Once this is verified, some connection has to have taken place, either from "TY" or it all springs from one mind.."TY" or "Isaac"! They could be the one and the same.

Or, it is as it is...a sighting told "Isaac" to reveal his story.

Which one of these stories do we buy? So far no one has produced a clear answer...and we might never find out.

It is interesting, though, that if there never was any connection from first hand between "TY" and "Isaac"....that would prove that at least one of them are telling the truth!

(For references only, I'm using "TY" as witness, as it is the only secure and most detailed testimony that connects a sighting to the "LAP". )

Please correct me if you feel I'm wrong in this assumption.



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