Author Topic: Campbell Telephone Pole - X Marking Painted On Street - Da Vinci Code Hoaxer  (Read 5003 times)

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I notice the painted 'X' on the street is near the telephone pole. Why is the drone stopping directly above the X on the road?  The camera Raj uses is called the Minolta DiMAGE X. Perhaps this mysterious drone is the work of a 'Da Vinci Code' Dan Brown imitator.

Maybe the drone uses image recognition and stops at the white X markings? Hence the name Minolta DiMAGE X.

This reminds me of the mysterious theory of the hooked X and the Kensington Runestone of Knights Templar from the History Channel movie, "Holy Grail in North America".


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The most likely explanation is that is being used as a feducial for aerial photography, there should be another 3 to six blocks away as well. One would have to inspect the latest sets of USGS mapping photos to see if this has been used as a location in the past for their photographs. It might possibly be a county, or city, project as well. It might also be that someone has ordered aerial photographs to maybe figure what a drone would have been looking for at this location. It might very well be worth the effort to find who ordered the marking on the roadway at this location.