Author Topic: Drone Makes Our Holographic Universe  (Read 4673 times)

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Drone Makes Our Holographic Universe
« on: January 05, 2014, 05:55:51 am »
If we exist in a holographic universe designed by the Drones, then the de-cloaking of the drone was intended to be a 'sign-on or sign-off' similar to how our television broadcasting networks are required to display a graphic image test card at the beginning and ending of a television broadcast each day.  The images of test cards looks like the drone.

A 1952 Philips TD1410U television set showing the optical monochrome Telefunken test card T05.

Holographic Universe (Part 1 of 5 ) its all illusion.

Some say we live in a giant hologram..I will let you decide:

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