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Big Basin drone size estimation[edit]

The size of the object described at the Big Basin location is documented here.

Eye witness descriptions[edit]

Stephen claimed "i look up and there is this _huge_ friggen who-knows-what-the-sexual intercourse _floating_ in the distance and rotating very slowly and jerkily (is that a word lol) -"

Ty claimed "All I know is that it was really, really big and looked like it came from the same place as Chad's drone."

Photo sizing[edit]


From the Isaac supplied information, it is evident that parts of the Big Basin drone match very closely, if not exactly, the inventory image.

Those parts appear to be lying on brushed concrete pads. Such brushed concrete pads exist on sidewalks, patio, parking lots, airports.

Some marks on the floor are recognisable.

  • The pads had expansion joints.
  • There is a white line similar to filler used to seal expansion joints, or for a distinct contrast marking.
  • There appears to be stains on the concrete, possibly spilled oil.
  • There are two sets of parallel lines similar to tire tracks seen on an airfield tarmac.


From one discussion assuming that the inventory image is from a 24' to 48' (i.e. 61 to 122 cm) wide concrete airport tarmac pad, the BigBasin drone would be between 50 to 120 feet long (i.e. 15 to 36.5 meters).

Analyis by 10538

Another analysis using camera field-of-view angle and possible object distance, concludes with a smaller ring size of 10'4" diameter (i.e. 3.15 meters).

Analysis by spf33