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The following is a list of the some commonly used abbreviations in this case:

  • Above Top Secret forum [1]
  • Contains a forum thread discussing the drone case.
  • Coast to Coast AM [2] was one of the first places to exhibit a drone image.
  • Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology
  • is a term coined by Linda Moulton-Howe because she though the objects portrayed in the images looked like unmanned aerial military controlled drone craft.
  • Drone Research Team [3]
  • Originally a small group of people that hired worked with Private Investigators in California to identify the Capitola pole described by Raj.
  • Later the DRT encompasses the members of the droneteam forum.
  • Exchangeable Image File Format
  • Data stored in some digital images which can be useful in confirming date/time-stamp and camera details
  • Linda Moulton-Howe is the owner of the [4] website.
  • She was given direct access to the drones "witnesses" from C2C and published reports of the case on her website.
  • The Mutual UFO Network was given a report about the Tahoe sighting.
  • Open Minds Forum [5]
  • Contains many forum threads discussing the drone case.
  • Palo Alto CARET Laboratory
  • This is the laboratory described in the Isaac media release. This lab apparently existed in 1986 in Palo Alto CA.
  • An interview with a Mr. X who claimed to have worked for the NSA, reveled that there are labs in that area which experimented on anti-gravity and suggested that PACL was just on of many [6].
  • UFO Casebook forum [7]
  • Contains some forum threads discussing the drone case.