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There are so many theories about the drones case ranging from absolutely-hoaxed to absolutely true. Within these two ideas are the possible reasons. To date, the case has not yet been solved, so even the hoax theories deserve further thought.

Pro-Real Theories[edit]

All true for a long time[edit]

  • A possibility that such craft have been witnessed for a long time [1].

Preparation for Disclosure initiative[edit]

  • Someone actually knows something special about alien technology and wants to prepare the public for disclosure.

Draw out the whistle-blower[edit]

  • Someone knew that "Isaac" had documentation from PACL and released the photo witness stories (Tahoe/Chad/Raj/Stephen/Ty) in an attempt to Draw Isaac to the surface. One curiosity is that the Ty and Stephen case shows the same craft that Isaac showed in the "Inventory" image.

3D projection[edit]

  • The CARET papers indicated that 3D projection was being investigated. Some witnesses claimed that the objects could appear and disappear, as well as move without apparent inertia. The images provided as photographs have anomalies which could be explained by a projection rather than a physical object in that place. 3D projection could explain all of these, except that there is no currently known scientific explanation of any such technology.
  • Some recent scientific theories are examining the possibility of multiple-dimensions and multiple-universes.

Pro-Hoax Theories[edit]

For fun[edit]

  • Someone or a group may have just made some images and stories to fool people.
  • The issues with this theory is that there would be a fair amount of work involved over at least a few months, so it is not a simple weekend project.
  • More details

For profit[edit]

  • A company, like Alienware, or some game maker may have produced the case to bring awareness to their their upcoming product. To date no evidence of such a product exists with the exception of the Dell Alienware computer which uses different artwork and was denied by Alienware executives. Also the TV show Sarah Conner Chronicles was based on the drone case, but the producer denied any involvement in the original case.

Psychological study[edit]

  • Some university students may have tried to test the public reaction to a UFO story.
  • So far no such study has been revealed, usually most university students release their report within a year or two.

Discredit Ufologists[edit]

  • Someone angry at the UFO field may have tried to specifically harm the field or C2C or LMH.